Deedo Dakar Studio


Composed of a dynamic team of professionals, Deedo Dakar Studio is a production company operating in the field of musical creation, phonographic and audiovisual production.

The studio is equipped with high-performance equipments for the development of high-quality works.

Deedo Dakar Studio is the creative hub of DEEDO SAS, which offers a pan-African music streaming service called DEEDO.






Deedo Dakar Studio allows you to record in a pleasant setting where you can enjoy a nice furnished garden.

The team at Deedo Dakar Studio was able to develop an upstream collaboration and complementarity in their creations through several projects carried out jointly for local and international brands.

An artistic sensibility marked by rich careers in the field of culture. The creative cohesion of these living forces allows the Deedo Dakar Studio to stand out, to offer a diverse know-how and quality services combining modernity and cultural bond.

Deedo Dakar Studio